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1:1 Initiative

Learning without Limits Header - 2016 - 2017 Goal $100,000

Jasper Unit #1 strives to provide the necessary technology and skills to engage all learners, enhance the collaboration between students and staff, and equip students to be college or career ready. 

Communication. Collaboration. Critical Thinking. Creativity.

These are the 4 C’s of a future ready education…

What does Jasper County Community Unit #1 value? We want to reach all learners. We value equity among students. Authentic learning, connecting globally, communication, and the use of teamwork are all ideas we embrace. But how do we do this? The answer to the question seemed to point in the same direction. The teachers and students at NCHS voiced the need/want to incorporate more technology within their classrooms.  Over this period of time, countless meetings were held with the teachers, students, and the Technology Committee about the 1:1 Initiative. It is our ultimate goal to have technology in each student's hands in the very near future. Are we capable of doing that? After much consideration, we decided on a 3-phase approach, beginning with implementation at the high school and moving down from there. Many, many things must be accomplished prior to undertaking such a monumental task. We have made great progress to date. Phase 1 accomplishments include:

  • Increasing the bandwidth for our Internet connection

  • Significantly enhancing our wireless infrastructure with updated technology

  • Purchasing approximately 150 Chromebooks already with donations and district funds

  • Professional development opportunities for our teachers to improve their technology skills

  • Visiting numerous schools, creating a financial plan and timeline, gaining input from students/teachers

  • Two teachers are Google Certified; all teachers have some level of Google training

Many will ask, "How are you going to pay for this?" We have committed to re-prioritizing how the district’s technology budget is allocated. The district can commit at least $30,000 per year without increasing our spending. We are also applying for various grants to purchase technology.

We know that to offer our students a top-rate education our community will have to help. There is no community better at providing resources in a time of need than Jasper County. Regardless of Illinois’s economy, we have a responsibility to provide an education for our students that will prepare them for life after high school. We will keep pushing forward to find the resources necessary to do just that.